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"Training is everything. Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education."

­Mark Twain

Effective training and communication are crucial for success in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. And video has been proven the single most effective means of communication. Video-based training has far more impact if it is produced specifically for your company, using your locations, facilities, people and, most importantly, your language and emphasis.

Kinetoscope Productions can offer you two things no other production company can: Ronald Hersh and Casey Wilson. Ron Hersh’s experience in film and video will give your production broadcast quality impact. His credits include directing network television for ABC Sports and News, and producing and directing spots fir Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, New York.

Casey Wilson’s experience in corporate communications and training will insure that your video clearly and concisely communicates universal training principles that are tailored to your specific area of expertise. Prior to working with Kinetoscope, Casey was the Director of Employee Relations at Britches of Georgetowne, the upscale clothing retailer. While there, he was responsible for implementing and managing training programs for all levels of management.

Kinetoscope can assist you in developing specifically targeted programs for your company and can integrate those programs into the culture and performance evaluation systems of your company.

If you don’t have training programs Kinetoscope can assist you in developing them. If you do have programs, Kinetoscope can dramatically transform them with video using all the attendant advantages of the medium. Kinetoscope Productions provides a unique blend of creative television and corporate training expertise to solve any corporate communications training problem.