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Who Are You? What Do You Do? Why Do You Do It Best?

What is a corporate video? It's an annual report to stock holders. It’s a valuable sales and marketing tool. A corporate video can enhance training and orientation. It can communicate with the press and public. Corporate videos should communicate, clearly and concisely, who a company is, what a company does, and why they do it better than anyone else. The've become an essential part of every company's overall communications package.

And what are corporate videos? They're television. Your Corporate video is going to be competing with the evening news and primetime programming in the minds of your viewers -- and if it's not of the same caliber and quality, you'll lose their interest.

That's why your corporate video should be made by television professionals. Like Ronald Hersh, Kinetoscope's president. He's directed everything form Good Morning American to Monday Night Football. He knows what it takes to make your corporate video look great.

There';s another good reason to use Ron Hersh. He understands corporate image. He learned about it when he worked at Oglivy & Mather, New York, from the man who invented it -- David Ogilvy.