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Sex, Drugs And Crisis Management

Crucial decisions are made in Congress and state legislatures every day that can drastically effect the livelihoods of your clients. You need every marketing tool available to fully and completely present your clients’ point of view. The impact of video is unparalleled.

Video offers you a way to make sure that those speaking out on the issues see and hear what needs to be said.

If you’ve got good people on your side, and you show them on tape, it lends to credibility to your argument. And it may well cause the opposition to think twice about taking you on.

Kinetoscope Productions produces issue-oriented videotapes – and the tapes have done their jobs brilliantly. We produced a tape for the Glass Packaging Institute that helped stop legislation that would have instituted a forced deposit bottle bill for Minnesota. We produced "Cigarette Excise Taxes" for the Tobacco Institute, which helped defeat the raising of those taxes in the U.S. Congress. We can do the same for you – and your clients.

Video moves. Pictures and sound open up the argument, graphics make the points clear. A good video conveys a strong emotional message. The result – people like it. And you.

Video conveys a sense of importance. It says that your client cares about the case to be made and is willing to invest in the most forceful "leave behind" possible.