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Live! From Coast To Coast!

A teleconference isn’t just another business meeting – it’s a television show. It’s a way to communicate new ideas, information and new policies to employees, stockholders or clients – instantly. And the company that produces your teleconference should now how to produce television.

Kinetoscope Productions knows television. Our president, Ronald Hersh, learned about live television at ABC’s Good Morning America. Kinetoscope’s John DeLuca wrote the book on satellite transmission and communications at ABC. That’s the quality of work we’ll bring to your next teleconference run smoothly. And we use creativity to make it entertaining and exciting.

Recently, Kinetoscope created one of the largest private networks ever, with six live uplink sites from San Diego, California to Portland, Maine, and over 1500 select ground sites form coast to coast for one of our clients, GOPAC. The show, hosted by Newt Gingrich, featured appearances by President Bush and Vice President Quayle, among others and was broadcast live form the parking lot of a barbecue"joint" about 90 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia.