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Live! On Stage! It's Your Show

Your big conference isn’t just another business meeting –It’s a way to communicate new ideas, information and new policies to clients and employees – instantly! And what better way to wow them than with television! The message is clear. It’s planned. It’s controlled. It lets everyone hear the same message. There’s no loss in the translation. And the company that produces your show should know how to produce television. Afterall, it’s not just video when you’re reaching upwards of a thousand people in that ballroom. It’s live television.

Kinetoscope Productions knows live television. Our president, Ronald Hersh, learned about live television at ABC’s Good Morning American and on ABC’s Monday Night Football. That’s live TV! He learned about staging and theatre when he staged tall the fashion shows for Calvin Klein when he was a producer at Ogilvy & Mathers in New York. That’s live theatre! A ground breaking multi-media show he produced for the Celanese Corporation is now in the UCLA Film Archives.

Kinetoscope approaches a conference with our own unique way of blending creativity with state-of-the-art communications technology. We’ve developed a network of technical people from coast to coast –to make your conference run smoothly – without a hitch. And, we’ll make it entertaining and exciting.